Aukamm Elementary School
Committed to inspiring a community of life long learners!

AES Contact Information: Wiesbaden, Germany
DSN-337-6260 or 337-6261
CIV-0611-705-6260 or 6261
from the US 011-49-611-705-6260

Dear Students and Parents and Friends,

We are happy to welcome you to Aukamm Elementary School (AES) and to the new and exciting adventures and experiences that await you this new school year.  Our experienced staff of educators is dedicated to keeping their main focus on providing child(ren) with the best educational opportunity available.  We recognize and promote the development of an attitude of self-respect and self-worth in each child.  We will also provide a variety of opportunities for students to form meaningful and responsible relationships with their peers and adults.  At AES, we strongly believe that the best education can be achieved for children when home, school, and community combine energies and talents.  There are many ways for parents and community members to become involved in our school.  We hope you will become part of our team to provide a successful year for our students.

I look forward to meeting and working with all of you during the 2012/2013 School Year.

Debbie Parks

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